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To carry out the task of guidance, the FSA has the authority:establishes operational policy oversight of the fiscal services activities;oversee the implementation of supervisory jobs carried out by the principle Executive;conducting surveillance, inspection, investigation, protection of buyers, and any other action against the Institute of Financial Solutions, the offender, and supporting the actions of the financial solutions described in the legislation in the fiscal services sector;give a written purchase to the Institute of Financial Solutions and / or a particular party;appointing statutory managers;appropriation of the statutory manager;create administrative sanctions against those negara maju prancis who commit violations of the laws and regulations in the financial products and services sector; andprovide and repeal:business permit;individual license;the effectiveness of the registration statement;registered letter;approval to conduct business;attestation;approval or perseverance of dissolution; andAnother stipulation, as referred to in the legislation in the monetary services sector.

ObjectiveFinancial Offerings Authority was produced with the goal of keeping the entire activity in the financial services sector:held regularly, good, transparent and accountable;in a position to realize the economic climate in a sustainable and steady growth; andcapable of protecting the pursuits of consumers and contemporary society.

EducationHe accomplished his undergraduate education at the Russian Studies System, Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia (FIB UI) and a Expert of Research (M.Sc) Development Analyses from the London School of Economics and Political Research (LSE) English.

Board of commissionersBoard of Commissioners may be the supreme leader of the FSA, which is definitely collective and collegial. Board of Commissioners includes nine (9) members as determined by the President.

Financial Fervices Authority. Lihat halaman jerman prancis. Financial Products and services Authority (FSA) is circumstances institution established under Regulation No. 21 of 2011 which function organized system of regulation and guidance that is integrated to the overall activities in the fiscal services sector. FSA can be an independent organization and freedom from interference by other parties, which have the functions, duties, and authority of regulation, guidance, inspection, and investigation. FSA was founded to replace the purpose of Bapepam-LK in the regulation and guidance of capital markets and financial institutions, and also replacing the function of Lender Indonesia in the regulation and guidance of banks, as well as to protect consumers of economic services industry.

Fadli Zon respond by visiting the family of Muhammad Arsyad and says it wants to help the suspension process Arsyad who was previously in custody, by establishing a team of legal professionals .. Before meeting with the authorities officers, Fadli Zon provided a statement that the federal ppi Prediksi Jerman prancis government shouldn't criminalize the underprivileged, and the law should be firmly against anyone who violates both grassroots and large state officials. On the same day time, he and his friends and family visited Arsyad in Bareskim Arsyad and explained that case is a kind of exaggeration and politicization of rules.

Banks Financial Providers Authority MemberDescription: The entire Bank Registered and Supervised by the Financial Offerings Authority (FSA)Bank Central AsiaMandiri BankBank PermataBank Negara IndonesiaBank Rakyat IndonesiaBank OCBC NISPBank BukopinBank CIMB NiagaState Savings BankBank MegaBank DanamonNational Savings BankBank Internasional IndonesiaFadli Zon. Fadli Zon, SS, M.Sc (born in Jakarta, Indonesia, June 1, 1971; age 45) may be the Vice Chairman of the Board of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia from 2014 to 2019. Artikel tambahan sosial budaya prancis. Prabowo Subianto joint and many national numbers, he co-founded the fantastic Indonesia Movement Get together and dished up as deputy chairman. Since October 8, 2015, he was also appointed as Chairman of the Global Business of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) or the President of the Community Anti-Corruption Parliamentary Organization

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